Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's decor

My kitchen decor had gotten stale. I was inspired by another blog to change the color combination in there from pastels to red and black and gold. Between Christmas and New Years, I made some new curtains for the room.

I have some display shelves in my kitchen that has had the same stuff on it for years. I've been acquiring some new "stuff" to make a new display. I am pretty frugal, so most of it came from thrift stores, but I did purchase a few things to round out the new color scheme.

Like this rooster plate.

and this heart on my door.

I added to the decor with a few more things from the thrift shops...
like this cute coffee cup

and this rug...

and these plates...

and this picture that my sister painted, she made the frame too!

Then Valentine's Day hit and I bought some fun red things on clearance at IKEA. I felt that all the red looked so great and cheerful!

Happy Valentine's Day!