Saturday, November 27, 2010

Autumn Decor

I've been very pre-occupied with an aging mother-in-law. In and out of hospitals, nursing homes, her own place, now moving this next week to an assisted living (guess who's doing all the packing?).

Anyway, I thought I should shoot and post my Autumn decor before I switch it out for Christmas. Here goes:
 My belljar needed updating. I recently bought 2 new picks at Michael's. This one had fall leaves and a cute bird. I also bought one for Christmas, you'll see it soon.
 I bought these fall colored curtains at Goodwill for $2.99. They made my kitchen look warm and cozy as the cold weather approached.
 I found I had very little autumn decor to display. Even after shopping verious places, I had a hard time coming up with anything substantial, but this had to do.
 This is one of my very favorite pieces. I love this ceramic turkey. He used to be on display in my bakery and when it closed, I brought him home.
 I bought the flowered plates in a thrift store for a $1 a piece. The flowers are yellow and brown. They are so delicately pretty.
 Sign on my back door.
 I inherited this Hummel from my Grandfather. She is wearing such autumnal colors, she was moved from the china cabinet to the kitchen window. (I prayed she would not fall and break). I really enjoyed seeing her on a daily basis!
 This is another turkey that graced my bakery. He is made of metal and I just love him. He adorns my living room now.
 Mug full of fall flowers hanging in my kitchen window.
 I bought this pear as a joke Halloween costume (it opens and I could say "I'm out of my guord"). I never used it that way. It has always graced my dining buffet in the fall.
 One end of the buffet. Is that a perfect looking pie or what?
 My dear friend, Sandy, created this flower arrangement for me. It looks great with the wallpaper that she helped install in my dining room years ago.
 A purchased fall decor item that makes me smile. Sunflowers always make me smile!
 A closeup of a new gorgeous cream colored rooster on display in my kitchen.
A new wooden rooster on display in my kitchen window. Can't you just hear him crowing?

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